Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The PI Saga

Imagine a person Mr P and his family living peacefully and happily in their home. One fine morning Mr I barges into the house, kill Mr P and then shove the rest of the family members into the attic, claiming the house to be his.

This leaves the unfortunate family stranded in the attic with no access to kitchen(food), toilet(basic commodities), lawn(freedom) or any other facility that is taken for granted in the "free world".

Now when the children will be crying for food and there is a dire need to use facilities other than food. What would you think the impoverished family of Mr P would do?

The natural answer that comes to mind is just get out of the attic and kick the intruder out!

Bravo, you got it right, theoretically it seems the right answer BUT not in this case.


Just put Palestine as Mr P and Israel as Mr I, you will get your answer. Now with the recent ethnic cleansing that the great nation of Israel is unleashing on the poor and hungry Palestinian under the able guidance, command, support (moral. physical and financial) of the free world including US of A and the EU.

The answer is quite clear, give Mr I the house that legally belongs to Mr P and either kill the family or "smoke them out".

Bravo and well done, from the slogan of free world it is evident that it means a world free of the sub species called as, "Muslims".

It is a pity that we all are waiting for the forces against us to annihilate us one by one and are not doing a thing against the aggressor, but in most of the case are providing all the possible support to accelerate the cleansing and cleaning.


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