Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission Impossible

After the recent elections it was a dream team that came up, yes the alliance of the two major and rival political parties was never heard or even there in the wildest dreams of the people of Pakistan.

Now with the recent turn in events it is visible that it was just the screen saver and the real program will be running soon.

With hostile India on one side (remember the mumbai stage drama) and desperate Afghanistan (with the new US president Mr Karzai's boat is shaking) on the other, not to mention ever ambitious US of A, this power struggle or shall i say lust for power does not seem the right thing to do at the moment.

Remember the same struggle left us divided in 71, although the seeds were sowed long ago. Here also the seeds are sowed right after 71 and this is the right time for the "enemies" to reap the harvest they have been waiting for. It is imperative and in our "supreme national interest" to avoid this confrontation and for once get it done on table and show the world we are worthy to be called civilized!

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