Friday, January 16, 2009

Miliband's Love Song

After spending some quality time in "Shining India" by mingling, jingling and tingling the representative of our former colonial master UK is here to teach us how to deal with the terrorists.

This is the same country which has failed miserably to deal with the IRA and is giving tips how to deal with such a threat. But we will listen if not as a nation but at our leader's level.

There is a reason for that because all of them have their interests in Western countries, they all come here to enjoy the perks and privileges of government but their final resting place is the West, so how can they refuse their original landlords.

Mr Miliband! If you are so sincere and having the urge to deal with the terrorists with iron hand. Middle East is not so far. Board a plane and give the sermons to the Israelis and bring your military arm to stop the Zionist from killing innocent human beings.

You cant do that because like our leaders your string are moved from Israel and you cant speak what to talk of taking an action against the brutal and blunt Israeli aggression.

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