Monday, January 12, 2009

Jew TV and TV I(India)

In the wake of the drama that happened in Mumbai and the subsequent Indian response towards Pakistan and it's nationals, it was heartening to notice that we came out as a nation and what our political and military leadership failed to achieve the Indian aggressive posture managed to bring out in days.

We are in a habit of becoming a lead wall, "sesa pilai hoe dewar" whenever there is a natural calamity or something disaster struck s. After a lapse of few days and when the emotional wave is over we revert back to our coo cones again.

I was a proud Pakistani once i saw the role of our "brave and independent" media which retaliated with more vigor to the Indian onslaught then the ones responsible for doing so.

As i have said we are an emotional nation and now that the initial brunt is over we are back to our own old good habits. I was ashamed to see the promotional of one of the Pakistan day parade held in London in which there was a glimpse of a beautiful Indian actress dancing to the tunes of a melodious music. If that was not enough there is a show that will be telecast on another channel with a name like "malhotra show" or some thing like that, because we are dying to know what the beautiful ladies across the border are doing in their day to day life.

And there is another show with the name of fear factor airing on yet another "Pakistani" channel.Proudly portraying what the Indians can do hosted by yet another leading actor of their film industry.

It made me laugh out loud once i heard that the national assembly has passed the resolution to ban the Indian channels but what about the so called Pakistani channels, who will take notice of that.

Is it, you, me or shall it be the responsibility of the owners of such networks. There are many other ways to mint money, if they too resort to such practices what is the difference between them the one we all blame for the situation our country is on right now.


  1. It has been long since I stoped watching these private TV channels. But now I have also included our "clean and clear" PTV into the same 'non-watchable' TV channels.
    Even the news channels have not criteria of sensorship. And the results comes out to be by having scared and confused Pakistani people.

    The other day, my one kid was saying to another after the second cut its finger accidently that was: "did you get injured in a bomb blast". Just to tell that they are just 3 and 5 years old.

    So after this incident, I have quit seeing the news channels as well.

    Just to see that with what options I am left with, ... hummm..... May be switch OFF the TV?

    Yes, off course, this is what I did.

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