Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel the Idol of Free World

The news of Paula Goodspeed's suicide rock the US and it was a front page news on every channel from west to east coast. This shows the cost of a human life and what mere poisonous words can do to the human mind and body.

Imagine the pounding of innocent people with all kind of "smart munition, PGMs, nasty bombs" and a whole wide range of the killing stuff provided by a vendor to the killer.

Israel being the lolly poop child of the Us of A is the killer here and big day cool Bush's US of A is the vendor.

The irony of the matter is not that the US of A and it's illegitimate baby is playing nasty and deadly games with the world but the problem is that the "world's fee media" seems to be the extension of this tyranny too.

Is this what is called unbiased and even reporting, if this is just then i am proud to be aloof of this just world.

I will end this with a question, is one Israeli life equal to hundred US lives, and is one US life equals to thousands of other sub species?

Think and give the answer what your heart says!

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