Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Ceremony of the US President

The new US president is in chair with a promise of a long awaited change. This is a change wanted by the American people in general and needed by the world in particular. With this i means that the average American life is almost unchanged at the face of the brutal and nude US aggressions the world over.

This include the adventures she took her self and those too which were and are undertaken by her babies and puppies.

I hope and wish that the new US president will act was a president of a sole world's super power and will not wag his tale to every whim of the Israeli PM as was the standard format for the Clinton's and the Bush juniors regimes.

If one has some doubt about how the Israelis have treated the last two US presidents go and hear the Jewish PM's speech that was made during a rally on Jan 13 in which he mentioned how he made the US president leave one of the speeches he was delivering in Philadelphia to talk to the all mighty PM.

The time has come to see the real enemy and to remove the spectacles of hatred to have a peace full world for us and the future generations.


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