Monday, January 26, 2009

Fuel Efficient US and the Middle East Crises

When Obama said and put forward the statistics about the fuel that can be saved by just maintaining the correct tyre pressure his opponents laughed and made fun and mockery of the idea. There were two reason behind this

Firstly, it was a bitter political rivalry that merited such a response.
Secondly and the most important one was that his opponents were moved by the most powerful and a very strong oil cartel that was behind every major decision the US took at that time.

Now, that the president has come up with a fuel efficiency plan and outlined the need to look for alternative fuel, every one is listening.

With the auto industry in heavy federal debt this is the right time to make them listen and develop engines that are really fuel efficient, thus draining less on the already out of control CO2 state and the depleting ozone layer.

Every one will be thinking why the middle east is dragged in this purely US fuel efficiency plan. The reason is simple most of the oil that the US uses comes from this region, therefore it is in the best interest of the US to make this region peaceful and stable.

It will start when the US will reign its bully it has cut loose on the poor people of Palestine. Billions of US dollars worth of smart munition, PGMs, dirty bombs and white phosphorous bombs provided to the state of Israel by using the American tax payers money, is not only helping the Zionist state to conduct the worst ethnic cleansing after WW-2 but it is depriving the US with much needed cash to overhaul its dwindling economy.

With the naming of George Mitchell as Mideast peace envoy the president has started off with the mending process but it cant take a shape till there is a strong will from the US side to really act as a mediator and not as a custodian of Israel.

Just think that the war crimes were carried out by the Europeans and the poor people of Philistine are being butchered because of that. And as my last article with the title, "The PI Saga" this is the natural outcome. The US must eradicate the root cause and for once do away with the superficial treatment it is famous of giving to every problem.

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