Friday, January 23, 2009

First 100 hrs acheievements of the president of the US of A

With the blur in the oath taking ceremony that this accomplished lawyer and the now the most powerful man in the world had to accept and the subsequent decisions he undertook in the oval office. Shape of the future American policy is begining to show and it is a hope around the world that it would bring in a new and definite chage towards the betterment.

The start is not good as per the people of Pakistan are concerned, casue with inthe first hundred hrs of his presidiency Obama santioned an airstrike inside the soverighn state of Pakistan. This trend does not alianate him too much from his predessassor.

Lets hope that the promise of the change will act as a welcome change for the world as well and that the presidant will be able to over come the over looming defence industry and the ever powerfull zoinist lobby to make a real difference.

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