Friday, January 30, 2009

RC Planes, helicopters, cars/jeeps and boats.

There is a great news for all the lovers of remote control (RC) gadgets, there is a cool shop i discovered with every kind of equipment you like here in sadar Rawalpindi. I have not only bought few items but the best thing about the shop is that the owner himself is into flying and takes very good care of the injured gadgets when new users like us bang it into some thing it is not made for.

The shop has some of the best aircraft and helicopters both for beginners and the professionals that is from the simple electric motors to 50 cc power petrol engines, with double and single rotar birds.

If you are in love with rc cars, jeeps, dirt cars, petrol or electric this is the place one must visit.

Hey this is not all, boat lovers can find every thing from the simple yatch to the speed boat including the always scary and most talked about, "The pirate ship".

All of the above comes with the gautrantee of spare and the ever smiling face of Qasim the guy behind the gun. Do not worry about the tutorials you can easilsy get it on request.

So hurry up and indulge yourself.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission Impossible

After the recent elections it was a dream team that came up, yes the alliance of the two major and rival political parties was never heard or even there in the wildest dreams of the people of Pakistan.

Now with the recent turn in events it is visible that it was just the screen saver and the real program will be running soon.

With hostile India on one side (remember the mumbai stage drama) and desperate Afghanistan (with the new US president Mr Karzai's boat is shaking) on the other, not to mention ever ambitious US of A, this power struggle or shall i say lust for power does not seem the right thing to do at the moment.

Remember the same struggle left us divided in 71, although the seeds were sowed long ago. Here also the seeds are sowed right after 71 and this is the right time for the "enemies" to reap the harvest they have been waiting for. It is imperative and in our "supreme national interest" to avoid this confrontation and for once get it done on table and show the world we are worthy to be called civilized!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It is a strong suggestion that the OIC (Oh i see) to be shifted to Venezvala and Mr Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias aka President Hugo Chavez be made its leader. He will bring definite change in the outfit and will do something concrete about the atrocities and the genocide carried out against Mulims the world over.

There is no hope in the Muslim leaders who are acting like puppies to their master, It is a need of the hour to make some lion the leader of OIC the silient supporter of the killings to mould and turn it towards the iron hand that can thrawt the agressor and the unjust acts against the Muslims in particular and the world in general.

Suggestions welcomed

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plight of CNG car owners

If the shortage was not enough the present "awami" government has increased the price of CNG and now it is selling at par with the petrol.

I do not know what will happen to the poor masses "awam" of this country if this "awami" government will stay for some more time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fuel Efficient US and the Middle East Crises

When Obama said and put forward the statistics about the fuel that can be saved by just maintaining the correct tyre pressure his opponents laughed and made fun and mockery of the idea. There were two reason behind this

Firstly, it was a bitter political rivalry that merited such a response.
Secondly and the most important one was that his opponents were moved by the most powerful and a very strong oil cartel that was behind every major decision the US took at that time.

Now, that the president has come up with a fuel efficiency plan and outlined the need to look for alternative fuel, every one is listening.

With the auto industry in heavy federal debt this is the right time to make them listen and develop engines that are really fuel efficient, thus draining less on the already out of control CO2 state and the depleting ozone layer.

Every one will be thinking why the middle east is dragged in this purely US fuel efficiency plan. The reason is simple most of the oil that the US uses comes from this region, therefore it is in the best interest of the US to make this region peaceful and stable.

It will start when the US will reign its bully it has cut loose on the poor people of Palestine. Billions of US dollars worth of smart munition, PGMs, dirty bombs and white phosphorous bombs provided to the state of Israel by using the American tax payers money, is not only helping the Zionist state to conduct the worst ethnic cleansing after WW-2 but it is depriving the US with much needed cash to overhaul its dwindling economy.

With the naming of George Mitchell as Mideast peace envoy the president has started off with the mending process but it cant take a shape till there is a strong will from the US side to really act as a mediator and not as a custodian of Israel.

Just think that the war crimes were carried out by the Europeans and the poor people of Philistine are being butchered because of that. And as my last article with the title, "The PI Saga" this is the natural outcome. The US must eradicate the root cause and for once do away with the superficial treatment it is famous of giving to every problem.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First 100 hrs acheievements of the president of the US of A

With the blur in the oath taking ceremony that this accomplished lawyer and the now the most powerful man in the world had to accept and the subsequent decisions he undertook in the oval office. Shape of the future American policy is begining to show and it is a hope around the world that it would bring in a new and definite chage towards the betterment.

The start is not good as per the people of Pakistan are concerned, casue with inthe first hundred hrs of his presidiency Obama santioned an airstrike inside the soverighn state of Pakistan. This trend does not alianate him too much from his predessassor.

Lets hope that the promise of the change will act as a welcome change for the world as well and that the presidant will be able to over come the over looming defence industry and the ever powerfull zoinist lobby to make a real difference.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Traffic mess in Rawalpindi

The custodians of Rawlapindi thought that by bringing in the new boys and making them wear the same uniform as the warden in Lahore are wearing will do any good to the system! Hey wake up you got to give them proper training in order to have a smooth flow of traffic.

It is suggested that they go and take a few weeks training with their colleagues in Lahore so that they can reign the chaotic traffic of this city.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

US Intervention in Pakistan's Internal Affairs

With the ever increasing drone attacks, missile attacks and occasional incursion by the land forces, the Americans are expanding their sphere of interest to the local government system.

First step is reportedly taken by the US counselor of Lahore, his residence situated in the elitist area of Zafar Ali Road has seen much activity of all the "badmashs, kan tootas and kharpanchs" oops! I mean to say our local government nazims, naib nazims and a lot of other kind of representatives.

It is kind of Shabaz that he has taken a serious "note" and asked the honourable guest to refrain from such activities he is undertaking to strengthen the democracy at the "grass root level".

As the saying goes when the main door of one's house is insecure than rooms can not be defended, as the government is all bent and set to facilitate the US of A in whatever she wants and always ready to act on her whim. A province can not take a much needed offset from this shame full line.

At least some one has the courage to at least point out to what our "friends in need" are involved in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Ceremony of the US President

The new US president is in chair with a promise of a long awaited change. This is a change wanted by the American people in general and needed by the world in particular. With this i means that the average American life is almost unchanged at the face of the brutal and nude US aggressions the world over.

This include the adventures she took her self and those too which were and are undertaken by her babies and puppies.

I hope and wish that the new US president will act was a president of a sole world's super power and will not wag his tale to every whim of the Israeli PM as was the standard format for the Clinton's and the Bush juniors regimes.

If one has some doubt about how the Israelis have treated the last two US presidents go and hear the Jewish PM's speech that was made during a rally on Jan 13 in which he mentioned how he made the US president leave one of the speeches he was delivering in Philadelphia to talk to the all mighty PM.

The time has come to see the real enemy and to remove the spectacles of hatred to have a peace full world for us and the future generations.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chaos due to fog

Traffic Chaos during the fog, note that the "beechara" groom is all stuck in the traffic too.
:) or :(

Shift Change at Toll Plaza

Hey see there is a lot of cash in the metal boxes, i am sure much of the gleaming faces in the uniform must have befitted from it as well!

Is this the model police

If u look closer the gentle man in the front seat is a member of our new model police force. He is not only having a what it looks like a free ride but is also sitting on the seat reserved for ladies.

How such a fellow will ensure law and order?

Good question next question please!

Fog on GT Road

Groom in a hurry as he has left all the other cars and the bus behind :)
Front is all foggy
Dangerous steel rods on the under construction bridge with no safety marker or barrier to warn the unaware driver
Long lines at Lahore bridge
Nothing is visible ahead of the bridge railing, i grues this is better cause one can't see at river ravi cause it is a crime it to call it a river anymore.

Winter's Rain in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque as seen from Daman-e-koh
A pick up truck stranded in the middle of a dangerous bend
Over all view of Islamabad in the frosty night
On the 9 th Avenue

Pakistan Health Care System

Health care system(on the right) flanked with supporting system(dry fruit) on one of the busiest streets of Pakistan
A closer look of the system, the details it deals with is clearly mentioned so that no doubt and imbuguity is left in the mind of the patient coming for his/her problem.
The most important thing is that the consultation is FREE

Friday, January 16, 2009

Miliband's Love Song

After spending some quality time in "Shining India" by mingling, jingling and tingling the representative of our former colonial master UK is here to teach us how to deal with the terrorists.

This is the same country which has failed miserably to deal with the IRA and is giving tips how to deal with such a threat. But we will listen if not as a nation but at our leader's level.

There is a reason for that because all of them have their interests in Western countries, they all come here to enjoy the perks and privileges of government but their final resting place is the West, so how can they refuse their original landlords.

Mr Miliband! If you are so sincere and having the urge to deal with the terrorists with iron hand. Middle East is not so far. Board a plane and give the sermons to the Israelis and bring your military arm to stop the Zionist from killing innocent human beings.

You cant do that because like our leaders your string are moved from Israel and you cant speak what to talk of taking an action against the brutal and blunt Israeli aggression.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Water Bomb

The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to settle down and some sense is coming out. Pakistan as usual kept her eyes closed under various regimes when "Shining India" was erecting various dams on our vital water arteries.

All of a sudden it was dawned onto us that India is robbing us off the water that was guaranteed by the Indus Water Treaty. There was a usual hype and every body seemed to be deeply shocked and disturbed over the "sudden" development.

Some state enemies tried to take India to the World Court, and it was evident that some thing good for the poor country will come out of all this hyper activity.

Suddenly two things happened:

Soldiers of Islam on the Western borders sprang up to free the country from the shackles of immoral government.

Secondly, the Mumbai Saga was staged and was directed so well that despite of all our efforts of total submission towards India we were and are still cornered by all our "dear and old friends".

Let me remind all of us that we are not an industrial country and we are hugely, if not totally dependent on our agriculture. With the situation of the water crises going on in the country India don't need to wage a conventional, non-conventional, media or bollywood war to down Pakistan.

If the power struggle that is going on in the country at the moment linger on the way it is . This is a not a distant future when we will be facing the very question of day to day survival.

If this is not called anarchy or civil war i don't know what else can best define it?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel the Idol of Free World

The news of Paula Goodspeed's suicide rock the US and it was a front page news on every channel from west to east coast. This shows the cost of a human life and what mere poisonous words can do to the human mind and body.

Imagine the pounding of innocent people with all kind of "smart munition, PGMs, nasty bombs" and a whole wide range of the killing stuff provided by a vendor to the killer.

Israel being the lolly poop child of the Us of A is the killer here and big day cool Bush's US of A is the vendor.

The irony of the matter is not that the US of A and it's illegitimate baby is playing nasty and deadly games with the world but the problem is that the "world's fee media" seems to be the extension of this tyranny too.

Is this what is called unbiased and even reporting, if this is just then i am proud to be aloof of this just world.

I will end this with a question, is one Israeli life equal to hundred US lives, and is one US life equals to thousands of other sub species?

Think and give the answer what your heart says!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peeling off the Uniform

And we as a nation always thought that the removal of the second skin(uniform) was done single handedly by our slain leader.

Thanks PM for telling us the truth now you must eat all your words in this regard that you have uttered of giving the credit of this peeling off to the slain leader and the great nation of Pakistan.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jew TV and TV I(India)

In the wake of the drama that happened in Mumbai and the subsequent Indian response towards Pakistan and it's nationals, it was heartening to notice that we came out as a nation and what our political and military leadership failed to achieve the Indian aggressive posture managed to bring out in days.

We are in a habit of becoming a lead wall, "sesa pilai hoe dewar" whenever there is a natural calamity or something disaster struck s. After a lapse of few days and when the emotional wave is over we revert back to our coo cones again.

I was a proud Pakistani once i saw the role of our "brave and independent" media which retaliated with more vigor to the Indian onslaught then the ones responsible for doing so.

As i have said we are an emotional nation and now that the initial brunt is over we are back to our own old good habits. I was ashamed to see the promotional of one of the Pakistan day parade held in London in which there was a glimpse of a beautiful Indian actress dancing to the tunes of a melodious music. If that was not enough there is a show that will be telecast on another channel with a name like "malhotra show" or some thing like that, because we are dying to know what the beautiful ladies across the border are doing in their day to day life.

And there is another show with the name of fear factor airing on yet another "Pakistani" channel.Proudly portraying what the Indians can do hosted by yet another leading actor of their film industry.

It made me laugh out loud once i heard that the national assembly has passed the resolution to ban the Indian channels but what about the so called Pakistani channels, who will take notice of that.

Is it, you, me or shall it be the responsibility of the owners of such networks. There are many other ways to mint money, if they too resort to such practices what is the difference between them the one we all blame for the situation our country is on right now.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bestowing of Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam Awarded to Richard Boucher and BIden

Now that our beloved president has bestowed the highest civilian award to the highest bidder, in this case the person who is responsible for most Paki kills.

I wounder what will Biden get this award for, may be for his future service to Pakistan.

May Allah Save US opps Us.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Travelling on GT Road

Last night i had to come to Islamabad so i decided to travel by the grand trunk(GT) road. Every one near and dear to me advised me not to use this highway cause of the 10th of Muharram. But as am famous of not paying attention to such sermons, i kept my decision and traveled by GT road.

It took me almost four hrs to reach Islamabad and the road was good all along. The exception is first portion between Lahore and Gujranwala that is a nightmare for any driver with twists and turns and a patch of very high class road followed by the worst kind one can think off. This goes all along till you don't reach the city limits.

I guess after the completion of this portion(may be in next 100 yrs) this will be a better option for any one traveling to and from Islamabad.

There are two reasons why i am saying that
Firstly, the distance is lesser, one saves around 100 kms on this route(NOT BAD).
Secondly, the poor mans fuel(CNG) is available in abundance and you don't have to Que up in long lines to get it.
Last but not the least, the long lines at the toll plazas on motorway are not to be seen and one can sail with comparative ease through many toll collection points with ease

Few disadvantages of the roads can be mentioned as
Firstly, one can expect any unwelcome d entry like barging in off a cyclist, pedestrian or the sacred cow en route.
It is fairly difficult to get the right off way from the truck walas and next to impossible to do the same from high speed buses

Over all it is a good experience, and i can advise to take this route if you are feeling sleepy, this route will make sure you cant fall asleep, and if there is a desire to see the different towns and cities en route then one cant fulfill his/her dream bypassing Gt road.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The PI Saga

Imagine a person Mr P and his family living peacefully and happily in their home. One fine morning Mr I barges into the house, kill Mr P and then shove the rest of the family members into the attic, claiming the house to be his.

This leaves the unfortunate family stranded in the attic with no access to kitchen(food), toilet(basic commodities), lawn(freedom) or any other facility that is taken for granted in the "free world".

Now when the children will be crying for food and there is a dire need to use facilities other than food. What would you think the impoverished family of Mr P would do?

The natural answer that comes to mind is just get out of the attic and kick the intruder out!

Bravo, you got it right, theoretically it seems the right answer BUT not in this case.


Just put Palestine as Mr P and Israel as Mr I, you will get your answer. Now with the recent ethnic cleansing that the great nation of Israel is unleashing on the poor and hungry Palestinian under the able guidance, command, support (moral. physical and financial) of the free world including US of A and the EU.

The answer is quite clear, give Mr I the house that legally belongs to Mr P and either kill the family or "smoke them out".

Bravo and well done, from the slogan of free world it is evident that it means a world free of the sub species called as, "Muslims".

It is a pity that we all are waiting for the forces against us to annihilate us one by one and are not doing a thing against the aggressor, but in most of the case are providing all the possible support to accelerate the cleansing and cleaning.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plight of CNG car owners

There is a great trend in converting petrol engines to a greener fuel that is CNG. It is economical and easily available being the indigenous production of Pakistan. Almost all the car having petrol engines plying on roads these days are running on CNG.

For the last couple of days there is a dramatic increase in the shortage of this home made product at the gas stations. The present situation in Lahore and many other surrounding areas/cities is such that almost 99% of the CNG stations are closed as there is no supply and the users are suffering because there is no one in the present regime to listen to them.

Bravo all the high and mighty who are at the helm of affairs, not accustomed to paying for the petty matters as fuel charges or are not bothered to even ask their drivers what is the fuel that is driving their seven series or 500 SELs.

I hope and wish my CNG users brothers and sisters luck and do share with us the information about the CNG stations which are still operative under such bleak circumstances.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all of you out there. I hope that this new year will bring all the best and joyous moments in your life.