Friday, December 18, 2009

NRO and its after effects

The recent incident in which the defense minister was stopped and latter on barred from boarding a plane to China shows that in this era there is some law working in the country. It was sad to know that the mighty PM has suspended the officials who tried to implement the law.

One wonders that the people at the helm of affairs do not take such an action when there is some security breach, some bomb blast, some accident occurs. Is it only the personal that matters and that too few high and mighty friends of the state, the judiciary must take into account such acitons as well.

Is there is a system of government remains in Pakistan or we are all being governed by a group of ass, i guess we are.

Cause when the executive head states that a minister cannot be arrested on judicial orders cause he is appointed to arrest the people, what kind of rule of law we are talking about.

We are not governed by people who have the vision even to look beyond their own selfish interests.

It is a mockery going on that needs to be put right by our participation.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 13

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 12

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 11

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 10

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 9

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 8

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 7

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 6

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 5

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 4

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 3

Ajoka stage play at NAG video 2

Ajoka stage play at NAG

Friday, December 4, 2009

Process of attrition and annihilation

"Friends of Pakistan" are subjecting this country to a process of attrition, it is a process through which the enemy is slowly bled and made weak in order to gain suitable advantage in terms of manpower and fire power by the adversary for the final blow.

With the recent attack on a Rawalpindi Masjid where a number of people including a general officer and many other high ranking officials were martyred. Assailants has once again proved to us that they are better equipped, well trained and have the best available means of surveillance and high tech communication gadgets available with them.

One wonders from where they are been funded and are getting this cutting edge equipment which as a state Pakistan can't lay her hands on even.

It becomes clear that the master of the terrorists are non other then Pakistan's friends, who are following the policy of attrition to bled our nation, people and the armed forces and are just waiting for the right time to (Allah Forbids) annihilate us.

With all the dirty cash stashed in some cold lockers far away from home, our leaders (both military and civilian) seemed to forget that every one has to go his/her grave.

But this is a thinking of a "fanatic" Muslim and not of the enlightened moderates we are governed by at this frame of time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eid in Pakistan

Cat is out of the bag

Republicans are making history with their president who came on the promise of "change", being labelled as "yet another" war president. The recent speech by Mr Obama is nothing short of a war speech in which he bulldozed all the ideas and vision of his long and grueling campaign.

He not only proved that he is nothing better then Mr Bush but also exposed his weakness in history. Afghanistan is often called as a grave yard of occupational forces, Alexander the great is an example from the past and U.S.S.R from the recent past and as far the similarity in names exists, U.S.A is also following the path of self destruction.

It is the American public that is be fooled here and are made captive at the whim of the mad men who are making disastrous policies for them. Analytical study of any war has shown that one must eradicate the route cause of the war not the opponent to have a stable peace.

Treaty of Versailles is an example where the hegemonic desires, designs and greed coupled to offer a very limited peace that ended with WW-2. If we analysis the situation in the region it is evident that all the forces, how much they resent one another are together on one agenda. Ouster of US occupation forces.

It is time for the American people to force their government to make a pull out from Afghanistan in order to attain peace and security in the world in general and in the region in particular.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Galani and Nawaz meet at Nawabshah airport

It is good for the government that the top thugs met yet again at the home ground of the top thug. Why are we giving taxes? Is it so that the Mr Nawaz can fly off to perform personal errands at the expense of the state.

He is rich enough to buy a plane of his own, why is it always that the principal of modesty is using the Punjab government's plane for himself.

Where is the "Khadim-e-Punjab" self rightness and steadfastness against corruption and misuse in this regards. I guess he is ignoring it as it being a "family" affair, had it been some other person the results would have been different.

Bravo! Then we wonder why the long boots comes in after every few years!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

US-India honey moon and KSA

It was not a long time back when the Pakistani government tried to broker a peace deal with the "not so fanatic" faction of Taliban. It received a huge hue and cry for the US government and its coronaries and the deal was abandoned in the wake of that pressure. Now the great power of US is negotiating with the so called "less extreme fanatics" faction in Taliban with the help of Saudi government. This shows the real face of the double standards foll wed by the US and it allies.

If this was not enough the US-India honey moon is at the new high point with the incapable Indian premier meeting the incumbent US president both of who are mere puppets with the former being run by a foreign lady and the other by the ever powerful war establishment. Both expressed their deepest concern to apprehend the perpetrators behind the Mumbai drama.

One thing is similar between attack on WTC and Mumbai that they were very poorly staged and were full of faults. It was like a novice director given the charge of multi million film.

The two above mentioned characters sang the song in the same tone.ALAS! We the nation of lions are governed by the sheep, well not sheep but more horrible creatures that do not have an iota of pride in them. Other wise these two characters could not have said this.

I wish and pray that we can get a better leadership who can call a spade a spade and just thrown every foreign power out of our beloved land who is here to spread hatred and act against the will of our people.

It is for the American people interest as well to guard their jobs and do not let the outsiders snatch them thus making them homeless, jobless and without a life!

Monday, November 23, 2009

USA, Pakistan and India

Pakistan is supposed to be the closest allies of US in the region outside NATO and former SEATO CENTO nations. By behaving in the way with Pakistan US is showing its true face and worth to the world.

Their policy is acting in a market women's way, where there is tiny bit of interest push an old friend into the drain and get that gain. This attitude is not at all worthy of great nations, we in Pakistan takes US as a great nation but as the actions speaks louder then the words therefore after such a long relationship the US is still considered as enemy number one here.

Ms Hillery Clinton tried to defuse some of the clouds and doubts but as i have mentioned above people require "actions" not "words". Her effort will utterly fail in the face of the false promises by the Obama's administration.

On one hand the US is offering the cutting edge technology to Pakistan's arch rival India without any strings, on the other hands US is making all sort of endeavours that Pakistan is barred from obtaining weapons for its defence from any where in the world.

US is providing India with Nuclear pacts in the face of the fact that the nuclear safe guards standards are non existence in India and there have been many leaks and smuggling of material in India. While there are only promises to "help" Pakistan in water(which the Indians are stealing) and power needs.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sugar Crisis and advertisement

The government is trying hard to sell the sugar at the price as shown in the picture, but although am not a political man and i do not like most of the men in the game, referral to a statement by Mr Pervaiz Elahi is a must here. He says and i quote, " This government is conducting raids more in number to lay their hands on sugar, then any other government has done to catch hash."

Weather or not the statement is correct or not, it is quite evident from the above picture that we need a military operation in the major cities of Pakistan to establish the "LONG GONE" government writ!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

War and political turmpil that can alter the world

Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Robert Blake said in a statement that the current love deals between Indian and the US of A are not a point of concern to Pakistan.

Any thing that the US does in the region is a concern for us, cause US is becoming an headache for the Pakistani people(not the leaders). They always cry wolf on the dual standards followed by their adversaries but they are doing the same without any remorse here in Pakistan, by not only giving high tech equipment to Pakistan Military but also providing cutting edge technology to the militants who are fighting on their behalf.

If that was not enough they have planted their men in disguise all over our country, i wish we can find a leadership that can put an end to this nonsense and make things right once again for us.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prime MInister Galini stance on war on terror

The recent briefing by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he gave the signal of no talks with the "beasts" often called as "zalimans" aka Talibans. Well it is a nice endeavour to say this, but the fact of the matter is all those giving such "strong" statements are living behind more "stronger" security covers.

It is up to the leaders who are giving such statements to move their sweet butts to the front line along with the other brand of leaders who are crying their heart out to do mediation with Taliban.

One faction after the other!

The bunch who is shouting for reconciliation and talks must move ahead without cavalry and do the necessary talking with the other party. If they succeed it will be great for the Taliban, if they fails it would be great for the nation.

The other half must get all the guns they can carry and blaze through the Taliban strong hold and just, "Smoke them out". The result is the same, if they succeed it would be great for the locals and if they fails the nation will be jubilant.

Please get out of your self erected bunkers and do something concrete, not just kill the innocent soldiers for your own political gains.

If talking with the beast is not an option why are we ever talk with the greatest of them all

American and its illegitimate sibling India?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tia Mowry Wedding

After much anticipation and wait the long awaited Tia Mowry wedding took place at four seasons Biltmore Resort Santa Barbara infront of more then 170 guests over the weekend.

We wish the bride and groom a very happy wedding and life hereafter.

Rehman Malik's Admission

After a huge hue and cry by the national print and electronic media about the un authorized US activities inside Pakistan, the government negated the presence of such activities it till now.

Now our worthy interior minister Mr Rehman Malik has admitted to the fact that yeah some people of the infamous US private operatives are in Pakistan. However, he said that they are here for the protection of US staff in Afghanistan but one wonders is Pakistan an Afghan or US colony that the protective, administrative and other such staff be stationed here for "acclimatization" before being sent into action.

For God sake the high and mighty in the decision making must put a stop to this menace as it is now beginning to destroy the very basis of our national integrity.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pakistan NewzelandTwenty20 match first innings

Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat, the inning has just ended and the total given to the Kiwis to chase is 154. It is just two runs short of yesterday's total.

ICC Twenty20 Match between Pakistan and New Zealand

The match is underway at the moment we all wish Pakistan best of luck to come out as a winner, they have made a good start and lets see they will be able to maintain the momentum or not.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

News happened on 12 and 13 Nov

Last twenty four hours were very turbulent, therefore it is difficult to stick to just one topic. This entails to touch upon all the important news that happened during this time.

An Iranian consulate official was killed in an ambush in Peshawar - the usual way(unidentified gunmen). Pakistani government has given the orders of a probe into the matter but as the fate of all the previous probes lies in the air it is expected that this probe will be met with the same fate.

It was not long time back when many of Iranian elite national guard commanders were killed in Iran and the blame was bluntly placed on Pakistan and now one of their consulate staff member is gunned down in Peshawar. If one links the dots they are pointing towards some bigger picture.

In the recent past there has been increased activity of American citizens in the city, they are well disguised and look like the locals and speak excellent Pushtu. If one considers this fact in mind it is very easy to link them with the extreme unrest this city in particular and the country in general is going through.

The question is when will we find the right leadership to curb this ever increasing menace of American hegemony in the country.

In the same respect yet another bombing attack was carried out at Pakistan's spy agency offices in Peshawar this morning, death toll unknown yet. It is prudent to mention here that is particular agency is under the line of American fire for quite some time now and with the number of US agents swarming in the city it is not that difficult to determine who could have carried these recent attacks.

The Americans seems to be flabbergasted by the German general who invented the propaganda machine and his concept is taken to the highest standards by the standard less US policy makers. They are using this tool to wage wars, discredit people/governments and fulfill their own agenda. The time has come for the Pakistani officials to point their fingers at the right direction to safeguard themselves and their families from the menace that the US is creating in the country.

In the above paragraphs we were talking about the leadership that has the ability to call a spade a spade.

The recent reports by the French media on the allegations of kick backs taken by the present president Zardari are creating a lot of ripples in the political circles in Pakistan.

French journalist Guillaume Dasquie says: ‘Today we are absolutely sure that Mr Zardari received a lot of kickbacks from this contract signed in September 1994, with DCN, the builder of the submarine.’

With this kind of leadership it is certain that we will be facing though times for a long time to come. It is we the people of Pakistan that are to blame for the mess this great country is at the moment, cause we have elected these hooligans and now we have to face the music till the time that we do not select some one who is capable to rise to the occasion and is above all loyal to the county and the country men.

We must join out hands to save our country from the enemies beyond our borders and the enemies within. It merits us to elect persons whose character and loyalty to nation is beyond doubt and we must cast our vote rising above the feudal, cast, sect or personal level.

New venture 2

New Venture 1

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New venture

Road blocks due to Pakistan's part in war on terror, KFC copying MOD

MOD building is being sealed and cordoned off by using some very crude methods. In fact as per this news clipping most of the adjacent areas and important roads plying heavy traffic are closed to ordinary citizen of this great country.

The same attitude can be seen on the famous multi-national food chain situated just across the road form the MOD building. All the critics making all kind of comments on the passive measures taken by governmental departments must take a look at this cordoning off measures being taken by this outlet. Well one can argue that this is not an elaborate measure as is taken by MOD officials, but then this is not that big an organization as MOD too.

I wish the civic societies can take a good look into the matter and try to stream line the encroachments made in the name of security. This is an eye opener for the local law enforcement agencies enforcing building laws.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictures of rc planes in action at lahore

Stunts were performed by this plane, looking so innocent just parked on the grass. It is not so innocent when the elm of affairs is in the hands of its skillful Handler. It was really a thrilling sight to see a young man performing such great acts with this plane.

A model plane showing red bull sticker on the wings

This plane crashed in a near by tree, broken wing and propelers can be seen along with a canopy less main frame. The wing might need a replacement as it was badly damaged other parts were not that hard hit.
We all hope that this plane will be reconstructed soon and will fly off soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pakistan Newzeland final match

The match just ended it was a real thrilling match less the eight wicket that fell cheaply, we hope that our batsmen will learn how to bat from the bowlers.

Have faith and Pakistan will be on a winning streak soon


Good luck to Newzeland, well done Pakistan

new or used, hybrid or normal honda civic

New, old, hybrid, normal, petrol or on gas this is the most number of childerns one can see at the back seat of an honda

If some one has seen some more please do share with us

RC jet model plane, airplanes in action at lahore

RC jet model plane, airplanes in action

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Luxury Hotels in Pakistan

merit certificated with the board merit certificates Restaurant's name Fujiyama was written few years back when our tourism industry was not hit hard by this menace of terrorism.

If one takes a closer word hairdresser was written on the original sheet and is covered in a very crude manner by a sticker and the word itself written by some employ with a handwriting like me

The recent drive of terror has not only affected a common man but has also dried up many sources of income such as trade, tourism etc. The sight seen in one of the star hotel in Lahore was not a pretty one as well. It seemed to be more of a sheer negligence of the management rather then the falling rate of occupancy.

Picture speak a thousand words so lets them do the talking here!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Luxuary Hotels in Pakistan

merit certificated with the board

merit certificates

Restaurant's name Fujiyama was written few years back when our tourism industry was not hit hard by this menace of terrorism.

If one takes a closer word hairdresser was written on the original sheet and is covered in a very crude manner by a sticker and the word itself written by some employ with a handwriting like me

The recent drive of terror has not only affected a common man but has also dried up many sources of income such as trade, tourism etc. The sight seen in one of the star hotel in Lahore was not a pretty one as well. It seemed to be more of a sheer negligence of the management rather then the falling rate of occupancy.

Picture speak a thousand words so lets them do the talking here!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Karachi Train Collision

The people were very happy that at least the gateway to Pakistan, "Karachi" is relatively calm and safe then what is going on in the capital and around. Well, what do you say, the respect we have for the human sentiments and lives, how is it possible that Karachi can shy away from the death going up country.

Alas, they could find a serial killer or a suicide bomber to perform the task so they took the most trusted method of killing people, "train".

It is a failure on our part to still stop these accidents from happening, this time it was a bit different as well as there was no fog, bad light, faulty signal or things like that.

I hope to make a law that will bound the high and mighty to travel via this medium. Although this will make it more bankrupt(like PIA) but at least it will be safer yet again!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ms Hillary,s visit to Pakistan

The US secretary of state Ms Hillary Clinton visit to Pakistan in at its final state, all the way it was the true replica of the days when this sub-Continent was ruled by the colonial British. Weather it is protocol that was extended to her, sealing off of Islamabad, humiliation of the common man on streets, worse traffic jams and above all the way our leaders greated her makes us believe that how to treat THE real ruler.

All the ceremonies hosted by the government or her affiliated agencies went very well. It was the non-governmental programmes that brought the true American face to all of us. The most famous slap on our face was the phrase she used a thousand time, "This is our money, we are not imposing it on you. It is up tothe government of Pakistan to accept it or not".

If we do not suffer from a memory loss a similar kind of a statement was given by some unknown American lawyer at the case of Mr Amil Kansi. He said that Pakistanis are ready to sell their mother for the right price.

Well i am not the one willing to take the money from the US of A neither am the supporter of leaving the American criminals who are caught while carrying illegal arms openly in the state capital owned by Mr Rehman Malik and Co.

I want to bring this to the attention of all the leaders that please lets join hands against this injustice by handful people.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suicide attack in Iran

After creating havoc and destruction in Pakistan, menace of suicide attacks seems to make an ingress in Iran. It will be shear bad luck for both the countries to blame one another over these incidents as the parties and the countries behind such acts would like to see Pakistan and Iran at dagger's drawn on this issue.

Iran in the recent days has made quite significant enemies, but it is not the enemies she must be worried from but it is the friend that must give them real threat. I will leave the guess work and name it, yes it is India who is now not a sovereign state anymore but is becoming a puppet in the hands of the US and Israel. These two "sacred" nations are using India as a sacrificial goat against Iran, Pakistan and China.

Indians are at the moment are jubilant that they are being promoted as a regional power by the Western world, but sooner then later they will learn the lesson that their significance was not more than a pawn in a great chess game.

It is better for the policy makers sitting in the Indian capital to rethink their policies based on the US and Israel and driven by "Chankia's" ideology. Pakistan is the living example of the state in which it is at the moment due to the friendliness it has shown to the US since inception.

There are always two ways of learning:

a. The easy way

b. The hard way.

It is in the best interest of the Indians to learn form the mistakes that Pakistan made and not to drown themselves in the morass that the American are laying for them in the region.

Iran must keep the following saying in front

"Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer"!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Carpet Bombing

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children of our nation are being mercilessly butchered by these so called "Islam lovers". It is time to arrange a carpet bombing to wipe out the entire generation, if there is a shortage of conventional bombs, eliminate them with tactical nuclear device.

With the gun (so called Talibans) gone, the operation must be widened towards the countries and organizations behind the gun. It will do us no harm to drop a few of these tactical devices on the occupied forces operating on our Eastern and Western borders, later terming them as "friendly fire".

Action must speak louder then words this time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Traffic mess in Rawalpindi contd

What on Earth is a traffic light installed for, at a round-about. Can anyone give a rational!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Railway accidents and atttack on GHQ

We remember one of the worst accidents in our railway history when more then a couple of hundred people died in a train collision. We had a very famous political figure heading the railways those days and once asked whether he consider resigning over this tragic incident his answer was swift and as per the norms and custom of the politicians, "Why should i resign, i was not the driver!"

End of story and this practice which was going on since inception got its strength from this "courageous" statement of the sitting minister and we can see the results now in ever "better and refined" forms.

The heart of military might in Pakistan was attacked on Saturday, we must not beat the bush that some one warned or not about such a scenario. An attack occurred and this shows the utter failure of the entire intelligence community of the country that "predicted" such attacks but failed to stop them. It is just like that a bad doctor gives a broad spectrum anti-biotic to a patient with small cough to cover his own incompetence.

It was a total failure not only on the intelligence part but on the procedures in vogue as well, as if there was such a grave threat why it was allowed to materialize and why not stopped in the planning stage.

The basic question, "WILL SOME HIGH AND MIGHTY HEADS ROLL , or we the history will repeat itself as it had over such incidents in the past"

It seems we as a nation love to create a crises and then resolve it, is it not better not to let a crises hit us and make plan accordingly.

Benezir's assassination and K-L bill

Pakistani government have spent millions of our hard earned dollers on the fruitless investigation by a dummy UN investigative team. If one can just carefully analyse the whole saga, it would be a matter of days before we have the man behind the gun who purported such an act.

Just find the person who ordered the last minute alteration of providing an ordinary sun roof in a "bullet proof" SUV. As far as we the people of Pakistan knows Benezir was a hardcore politician and it was just a matter of time before she would have waved at the crowd owing to he political instincts.

Same goes for the recent K-L bill, there is not need to generate tension amongst the countries basic institutions. The best method is the nab the secret team that negotiated this shabby deal with the US. This will not only solve the present rift but will also pave the way for a stable democracy for the times to come.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Swat Operation

The world is stunned as regards to the way Swat operation is conducted, the mind set in the initial stages was to bog the great Pakistan Army in this morass and at the right time attack from two prongs, i.e. Western and Eastern borders to take US down. All the planners must be either fired or shot by their masters on this miscalculation.

Their was a propaganda by the same planners to defame the Pakistanis and to label the criminals and the thugs sponsored by the foreign forces as "talibans" by leaking so called videos of girl's beating and savage brutality shown by these criminals towards the innocent men and women by beheading and killing them in cold blood. It is clear in the mind of the people of Pakistan that a Muslim can never ever dream of committing such heinous crimes and that the so called religious fanatics are not what they are known in public but are just an extension of the evil forces who wants to extend their great evil game inside Pakistani territory.

This is a worthy lesson for the US of A and her allies to get themselves out of the unnecessary wars they have waged on the countries the world over and set their own homes in order. We do not see any need of WORTHY Americans lives being lost in the battle that are never won ever by anyone, if this is the case tell Mr Bush and Me Obama to send in their daughters to fight along side with the brave men and women fighting what "they" describe the ultimate war to preserve their culture heritage and the American way. Even if the US public cannot ask their bigwigs to do such a "crime" against their daughters they must at least all the senators and congressmen/women to do the same with their siblings.

This is the ultimate litmus test for showing the sincerity and belief in the words they utter every day to raise their own ulterior motives.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ICC Champion's Trophy

The recent match between Pakistan and Australia that concluded in the win of later sealed the fate for all the teams in this group, with Pakistan and Australia reaching into the semis and India and WI being knocked out of the tournament.

At the moment there is a match under progress between India and WI but it is rendered redundant cause of the Australian win over Pakistan. This has proved as a bombshell over millions of Indian supporters who were glued to their screens, not watching their countries match but the match of their ardent and worthy opponent Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan took the fight to the last ball and the repeated history, as in 1992 world cup WI defeated Australia to pave the way for Pakistan to reach the semi finals and eventually win it under the able captaincy of great Imran Khan.

All it can be said to our Indian supporters not loose heart and concentrate on upcoming series and leave the present!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scenic Scenes

Traffic Mess - Rawalpindi 4

The situation seems to be worsening after the "darbar" conducted by the warden police chief. We are facing many variations of "gardies" as:

Dehshat gardi: Terrorism

Police gardi: Police state

Awara gardi: Governmental services

and now the last but not the least is

Warden gardi: Traffic police state

After giving such a preview lets come to the point, it is a matter of concern as a citizen of this city that all the public matters must be discussed and propagated before implementation. If the traffic police thinks they we the public are not eligible enough to be incorporated in their "genius traffic plan" at least they can publicize their innovative ideas to minimize the humiliation we the daily commuters have to suffer.

The recent impulsive traffic diversion of the road in front of "gora qabristan" is an example, it was set in without any prior warning and am sure most of the people traveling on that route must be late to wherever they were going.

If the concerned citizens will not write and comment on such "crimes" the day is not far when we will be humiliated more by the "public servants"!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nature beauties 3

Nature beauties

Nature beauties

Rawalpindi/Islamabad - Abbotabad

There are few routes available, as follows

a. Islamabad via GT road to Hasan Abdal onto Abbotabad through Haripur.

b. Islamabad - Taxila- Haripur - Abbotabad.

c. Islamabad - Burhan( via M2) - Hasan Abdal - Haripur - Abbotabad.

We will discuss the last route as all the others were rendered unfit to travel on due to bad road conditions, road being narrow and security reasons.

It takes around 40 minutes on M2 to reach Burhan, from there on it is about 90 minutes drive on a single road to Abbotabad, fuel and CNG is available in abundance along the way so one does not have to worry about it prior commencing the journey.

Once in Abbotabad, entry is through the main bus station so it is a bit chocked at times, once you are through it is smooth driving from there onward. There are many sights to see;

a. People. The people of Abbotabad unlike any other city are well educated and always tend to help.

b. Golf course. Abbotabad affords one of the most beautiful golf course in Pakistan i have ever laid my eyes on, with lush green grass and the most beautiful and amazing chinar tress i can easily say it comes as the most scenic course in the country.

c. Shimla Hills. On the Western side of the city a road is creeping up through the city towards Shimla hills, one can have a great view of the city from there and can see enjoy the dusk and dawn while having snacks as a compliment.

d. Ilyasi Masjid. This is the main tourist attraction of the city apart from its historic prospective and ever running spring, the place is famous for the best potato "pakoras" and tea in town.

e. Shinwari hotel. Any one who wants to have a bite at the traditional namkeen handi and tikka can have it there it is around 5 km ahead of Ayub Medican Collage on Mansherra road.

f. Jhuggian. No place is good enough if it does not have the shopping area to go along and for the female gender this is a must go area, just remember, one must be proficient in the art of negotiating to get a fair deal.

g. Harnoi Nullah. This is a place where one can just sit around with his/her feet in flowing water for hours, it is located on the Murree road about 20 km from the main city.

h. Thandiani. Another height where the cool breeze filtering from the pine tree makes it a must visit place.

Two or a maximum of three days are enough to explore the city and its adjacent attraction.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travelling 1, Lahore - Islamabad

Traveling from Lahore to Islamabad by road is fun, there are two routes available as under:

1. M 2. It is a road built by Nawaz Sharif through a Korean company back when he was the PM, it is a beautiful motorway, for all of us who are living in small towns and are forced to travel on pitted, rutted and broken roads all our lives. This road gives them all a great experience of traveling on a flat carpeted surface without any humps and bumps. The view is great and one can experience the vast planes of Punjab, along with hills and mountains and off course the motorway meandering through them like a big black snake. One has to be a bit careful when coming onto it, as, the car and all its components must be in immaculate condition as there is a little help available once u are on road and also that the service stations are at great distances. I will say for a new comer or some one seeking for a smooth drive M 2 is the right choice.

2. GT Road. Grand trunk road or GT road was built by Sher Shah Suri back in the Mughal era and was initially linking Kabul with Delhi. This is a good road, with a reasonable smooth drive and off course the distance between Lahore and Islamabad is short therefore less consumption of fuel. The only hitch that makes it uncomfortable is the bad patch between Lahore and Gujranwala. Although it is only around 50 km but it seems that like all the other steps of good governance taken by federal and provincial governments the contractors here are also looking for the perfect mix for the road hence it is being delayed year after year without any respite to the commuters. Otherwise, it is a great way to travel, one can see all the major minor cities and towns and can find all the traditional stuff to eat and all kind of mechanical help and also CNG, at every corner. If you are a non veg then "Mian ji da hotel" is the perfect stop. They have the most delicious and filling "parathas and chane ki dal" i have ever tasted, if one is on a diet a lighter Chinese menu is also available. Pan from Jehlum city and children's park along various CNG/petrol stations makes this road an ideal way for the commuters who enjoy all such things.

There are few other routes as well but as they are not used as a common practice by the people traveling between the two cities so i am refraining mentioning them. Next time our stop will be Abbotabad.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 4

The city traffic mess is better not because of the traffic management but because of less volume of traffic plying on the road due to Eid holidays. I hope that that my dear citizens are not once again victimized due to this mess.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rawalpindi Traffice Mess 4

I can only say this that the two "brands" of police are making it difficult for a common man to pass through. The guys on the left have parked their limo right on the main road and are fooling around regardless of the mess they are creating all around, and the guy on the right is ignoring them as there is no such violations taking place near to him.

This is called, "charagh tele aundhera"!

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