Thursday, December 18, 2008

shoe at bush

Well well well!

This incident although a small one, marks the significance of the anti Bush (note not anti US) sentiments that are there in the world due to the policies of the present US regime. We wonder that what happened to the US of A that was once the symbol of the free world and the choice of every man and women in the planet that wanted to have their dream come true.

There is no dispute to the fact that what happened on sep the 11th was wrong and outrageous, but as two wrongs do not make a right. Events that happened after 9/11 and are still going on does not make the extreme reactions justified as well.

Recent past has seen a brain wave in the US and it allies of talking with the terrorists(Talibans) in Afghanistan. The axis of evil (Iran and Syria) are also looped into mediating and talks. If talking and mediation is the last resort then why was such a massive killing went on for such a long time.

The shoe that was hurled at the US president is the symbol of the hatred that is there in the country that US claimed of freeing from the shackles of a dictator. But the real shock was the reaction it generated across the world including the US itself. It showed that the world said NO to the current policies undertook by the lone super power to tackle the issues at hand and want a definite change in them.

The time is right for a real change, cause a new president will b in chair shortly and as per his campaign slogan he is the right man to get the US out of this bogged down situation and mend the fences, with the world in general and American people in particular.

We all hope that the change will not be superficial but real and long lasting, that will make this world a more safer place to live for the generations to come

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