Thursday, December 25, 2008

Road Trip

The recent absence from the internet is due to the trip that i undertook, it was a long trip that started off from Islamabad, Karachi, Sehwan, Hyderabad, Coastal Highway and ended up after i landed in Islamabad.

Beside the business aspect this trip had much more in it, from the majestic and breath taking view os the coastal highway to the modern high rises of Karachi, shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalander. It will be prudent to mention the most exotic foods that we had in all the places that we visited.

In the recent past the road along the sea side often called as sea view has improved much. It is now a pleasure driving along the sea, and if one has a desire to witness much cleaner waters then the closest place are the two beaches, sand's spit and the hawk's bay. These two beaches are an hr away from the main city, the road along the beaches are in shambles and one has to move through heavy, disoriented and rough traffic to get to these beautiful places.

The point to note is that you got top have a hut booked well in advance to enjoy the beach and relax, many companies offer such facilities to their employees or clients and if you are not associated with any of such organization, it is better to make some prior arrangements to make the stay more comfortable.

Coming onto the social places, there are many clubs of good repute and standard in Karachi.
Few of them are Marina Club, Creek Club, Golf Club, Yotch Club, Area 51 etc. The recent and a nice addition is the Arena Club that has opened on the Karcaz Road just adjacent to the Naval Museum. This is a cool hang out place and caters for a wide range of the users, from the early teens to post 50. The attractions that are offered there are

Paint Ball
Rock Climbing
Ice Skating
Mini Golf

Beside all these fun activities there is a wide variety in food is also available from the formal restaurant to the snack hall to drinks counter. If one is young and energetic then rock climbing is the best test to gauge your mettle. Pain ball brings out the real killer in you and all other sports are a good time pass as well. Remember that the Ice skating is done on real ice so if u fall well some part of your body will be swollen to remind of the "great fall".

Coming onto my personal favorite, food. Well leaving aside the chic places like copper kettle, zook or nando's there are many local places that will flavor your outing with some mouth watering cuisines. I personally like to go to the local places that enables me to get the real taste of the city or the place.

Best mutton karhai is served at "Shenwari Resturant" in mari pur trucking station, if the mood is a little somber and negotiating that heavy traffic is not a thing on the table the second best is served in Gulasitan-e-johar, near the many marriage halls right on the main road. For all the real taste of the continental food "Bakra Hotels" is the place to be at, they are located near tower in sadar and the spicy variety can make your nose running as Michele Johnson.

If the mood is of a long drive and a little adventure then “Al habib” restaurant on the super highway near Malir is the place to be at. And if one is too down and lazy and is living in Clifton or the defense area and needs a snack( a whole meal for many), the best solution lies at “Khadda Market” where the world’s best “Roll Paratha” are served with the best mayo sauce.

The mentioning of spice is incomplete without the touch of sweet. The best “cheeko shake” is available near bundu khan at tariq road, the best “falooda” is on the main highway at Gulistan-e-Johar, remember despite of stern warning I managed to spill it on my dress so be carefull and watch full and do not take the big glass lightly. The icing on the cake after such delicious food items is “paan” un doubtly the best in town is available at the base of the PIDC bridge just at a walking distance from the Sheraton and on a few minuets drive from all the best hotels in town.

Along with all this activity routine work also continued but I guess I will not bore you with that.

My next trip was to Sehwan and Hyderabad

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