Monday, December 15, 2008

Mumbai Attack

Saga of Mumbai and the hype that was created by the Indian media and their stunned government (as it failed to react for quite some time to the persons occupying taj hotel), led to make ripples in the world politics. With all the big guns backing the Indian claim of a Pakistani hand, the "peace loving forces" of the world mounted an assault on already crumbling Pakistani government.

The word crumbling is used, not because our government is politically weak or have the axe of 52-B on their heads, but because till today they have remained totally clueless to the events happening in Pakistan in particular, and all the incidents unfolding in the world in general.
Some examples of this allofness and the susequent reaction are, admitting to permit US air attacks and then denying them, making and breaking deals with Taliban, long power outbreaks and loud claims of eradicating it in few months (as if the power generation units can be installed in a matter of hrs). The icing on the cake was the mess created by our national spokes men and women over the reaction they showed in the wake of Indian criticism and following absurd demands.

Warm feelings extended by our naive leadership and the cold response by our neighbor, blaming us directly for the attacks and our utter inability to come up with one decent response, sending off DG ISI to India and after fearing a back lash from the masses changing the decision in the middle the night ( this makes me remember the fiasco our proud PCB made out of Asif and Shoaib and the latest of giving the ISI under the umbrella of interior ministry, both steps hastily taken and retracked in the most unbecoming way).

So if anyone who has followed the sequence of events, the latest incursions were inevitable and will increase with the time if we will give the usual "strong message", as was given by our president to an American show in which mediation was resorted to in the wake of an Indian aggression.

A bully will keep on hitting and cornering you until you don't stand up and defend yourself. This is high time that we give the bully a shut up call and stand for our country and give a response that is in accordance with our sovereignty and national needs.

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