Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israeli offensive in Ghaza and its effects on Middle East

Truce between Hamas and Israel was over a couple of days back. Gaza has seen the worst kind of violence and aggression since then by the brutal and uncharacteristic aggressive attacks by Israel. These attacks seems to be in connection by Bush's policy of preemptive doctrine, which did no good to the US of A and will do the same to the Israel and will not bring good and healthy sentiments for Zionism.

This latest attacks are also decremental to the jews living outside Israel as they are finding it quite difficult to support such barbaric acts. It is ironic to notice the role of international media, the so called champion of democracy are giving it a blind eye and taking it lightly as some drone attack on Mars.

The timing in this recent escalation by Israel just before the oath taking ceremony of Barrack Obama seems the tough time his administration will have to face in dealing with their spoiled child. One wonder if this is the change the new US president offered to the US people, "wiping the mankind other then Jews in middle east".

This latest assault has virtually crippled the life in Gaza and the boasting of a Palestinian state is now down in ashes. What kind of state can allow such kind of aggression and do nothing then to let the attackers kill their people as mercilessly as the, "made in US of A" bombs used by the Israel are doing in Gaza.

If anyone thinks this is a battle between Islam and Jews he or she is sadly mistaken, as Zionism was never the part of Jews but now they have scummed to it as the Hindus have to RSS and other militants organizations.

There is a dire need to establish some close link between Jerusalem and Philistine to avoid more blood shed and there is a need that the international brokers of peace set in fast to keep Israel from ethnic cleansing of the entire population. The time for politics is over and time for action is what is the need of the hr and God help us if people like Mr Tony Blair are there to solve the process.

What is needed is the independent reporting from the international media and finding out the people who gave orders to start just a genocide and then giving them the punishments so that so one else dares to even think on these lines in future.

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